Voyage of Life: Youth, by Thomas Cole

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Voyage of Life: Youth by Thomas Cole. This fine-art reproduction is printed on heavy 216 gsm acid-free art paper. It includes the print, a backing board, and  clear sleeve. Handcrafted in USA when you order.


• 8 x 10" Art Print (image 6 x 9" + boarder)

• 11 x 14" Art Print (image 8.5 x 12.5" + boarder)

• 13 x 19" Art Print (image 12 x 17.5" + boarder)

This fantastic painting shows an archetypal youth along the "River of Life." Confidently assuming control of his destiny, and oblivious to the dangers that await him, he sets off to reach an aerial castle (emblematic of his youthful daydreams). This is one in a series of mystical paintings by Thomas Cole. Circa 1842.

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