About Us

Bristol & London® Antiquarian Art Prints began as a passion for browsing antique shops, antiquarian book fairs, and such. For over 20 years we collected thousands of original art prints, illustrated books, and paper ephemera.

Reviewing rare hand-colored 1726 prints from Germany

In 2015 we decided to offer the best of our collection as a new edition of fine art reproductions. But where to begin? Since we love natural history, it seemed like the "natural" place to start -- timeless art prints of animals, botanicals, sea life, birds, butterflies, shells and more.

What We Offer

Since opening, we've created high quality hand-crafted prints for museums, decorators, gift shops, and customers like you -- who enjoy having timeless art in their homes. Most of our images are taken from paintings, chromolithographs, and hand-colored etchings dating from the 1500s to the 1800s.

Original chromolithograph split over 2 pages of rare book

Our goal is to offer high quality art prints at affordable prices. To ensure that high quality, we do every step of the process in-house. We prepare the image, print on 216 gsm art paper, add backing board, package the art in sturdy flat boxes, and ship directly to you.

Our Process

It would be wonderful if all the antiquarian art we found was in perfect condition. Sadly that's not the case. The once-lovely art often shows the effects of 100 to 400 years of life. Bright colors become dull, paper yellows, cracks, tears, and gets grimy from dirty handling. All this "reality" is fine for history buffs, but not so good for home decor. Shown below are a couple of actual process examples.

At Bristol-London, we take image quality very seriously. To ensure that high quality, we employ a professional digital restoration artist with over 20 years of art experience. He spends an average of 2 to 4 hours working with each image before it is added to our catalog. This may be slow work, but we feel it's well worth it. The extra time spent up front allows us to offer finished prints with a color, clarity, and vibrance that truly reflect the artist's original work.