Image Licensing


1. General information
Bristol & London provides digital files from its collections for commercial, educational, governmental, and non-profit groups for use in: publishing, broadcast, advertising, products, packaging, digital media and other uses.

2. How do I order images from the Bristol & London collection?
     A.   Review all information in Terms & Conditions.
     B.   Check price for your usage in the Fee Schedule
     C.   Fill out and submit Image Order Form.

3. Do you waive fees for educational, government and nonprofit users?
Non-commercial users are charged a lower rate. Please check check prices above.

4. What digital format do you provide?
Our standard file format is RGB TIF saved at 300dpi. File size is dependent on origin of the material. If requesting files for web usage, images can only be displayed at a standard web display resolution—set to either 72 ppi or 96 ppi (pixels per inch).

5. What are the methods of delivery for your images?
After completed Image Order Form and payment are received, digital files are delivered via a secure FTP download site. If required, images can be burned to a CD and sent via Priority Mail. There is a $35 surcharge for creation of the CD and shipping.

6. How long is the turnaround time?
Turnaround time is generally 3 to 5 business days after completed Image Order Form and payment is received. Optional rush service is available if required.

7. Once I purchase an image, may I use it any way I like?
No. You are not "purchasing an image", what you are doing is paying a fee for the "right to use" a Bristol & London image file for a specific purpose and time period. You must request a separate "right to use" for each specific usage.

8. Once I purchase an image, am I the only one who can use it?
No. Your usage fee provides you with Non-Exclusive Rights for a specific purpose and time period.

9. If my publisher issues a new edition of my book, do I have to pay additional fees?Bristol & London usage fees are for a specific time period. For an additional time period, you would pay an additional fee (usually at a lower rate).  Click here for Image Use Fee Schedule.