King Snake, Art Print by Aloys Zötl, Natural History Illustration

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King Snake, Art Print by Aloys Zötl. This fine-art reproduction is printed on heavy 216 gsm acid-free art paper. It includes a custom-cut antique white mat, backing board and clear sleeve. Handcrafted in USA when you order.


• SMALL: 5 x 7" print is matted in 8" x 10" antique white mat.
• MEDIUM: 8 x 10" print is matted in 11" x 14" antique white mat.
• LARGE: 11 x 14" print is matted in 16" x 20" antique white mat.


This is rare illustration of a King Snake (Die Königsschlange) by Aloys Zötl, an Austrian painter and master dyer by profession. It's one of a series of exquisite paintings known collectively as the "Bestiarium of Zötl". The paintings were created between 1831 - 1887, but remained unpublished during his life time. Only decades after his death was his work “rediscovered” by the French surrealist painter André Breton. It is worth noting that Zötl never left Austria (and likely never saw the animals), so some of his paintings tend to be imaginative and not zoologically accurate.

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